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Friday, 25 February 2011

Working on speeding up things on the Android.

Hello again!

Programming for the Android is really fun and a challenge!

At the moment we, (me and 2 other nice swedish guys) are making a mini game where I explore how I can get the best performance on Android 2.2. The game will be released on the android market once completed. (No spoilers available!).

For starters I have managed to get 160 objects moving on the screen and have between 40-45 fps. I will continue to explore how to speed things up.

Until next post!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Forgotten Planet Running on Android 2.2!

Hi Guys.

Today I managed to build The Forgotten Planet for Android 2.2.
All network code was removed in order to get the game up and running.

The first step has been made: The game runs, but very slow! The code is far from optimized for the android platform and I will now experiment and look for different solutions how I can get the game up to speed.

I'm having like 2-3 FPS in-game in this video:

Until next blog!


Monday, 7 February 2011

SDL 1.2 Running on my Android 2.2 Phone!

Hi Guys!

Lately I've discovered that you can run SDL games on your android phone!
So guess what I've been up to?....

Yes, you're right!, I've been trying to get SDL running on my Android phone, and today I finally got it working!

Porting The Forgotten Planet to the android phone will soon start, but there will only be single player on the phone, since SDL_net has not yet been ported to Android (as far as I know).

Here is a video of the first successful SDL compilation I've done for the android:

Many thanks to: Pelya who has ported SDL 1.2 & SDL 1.3 to Android.

Click -> Link to Peleya's SDL port

Until Next blog post