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The Forgotten Planet - Menu Music - By Josef Falkensköld ( )

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Walking between maps & Background scroll fix!

Hey again!

This last week I've had less time to work on the game, however some progress has been made!

What's new:
  • Fixed the background scrolling
  • Fixed the portal bug
  • Reduced the character collision size against the world
  • Jumping/Falling down into a new map works properly now

 What's next up on the Bug / Features list?
  • New collision code for the player to the world (some additions to the one I have at the moment)
  • Fixing an enemy AI bug
  • Crouching! We want to be able to sit down and shoot tiles / enemies
  • Bombs! Blow away certain blocks
  • Stuff.....
  • Some more stuff after that
  • A new video and blog entry here!

Previous post did not have a youtube video, however this one do!

Until next post!


Friday, 22 October 2010

Killing Bugs & correcting things!

If you're wondering why there has been no videos lately it's because I'm fixing bugs in the code and correcting features.

So far these bugs have been adressed:

  • When shooting a projectile outside of the screen it was killed instantly. So if you jumped up (outside the screen) and tried to fire down the shot was killed. The fix was simple: Change the boundaries for the shots to die 150 pixels outside of the screen.
  • Sprite's now have a "x_correction_right" and "x_correction_left" that makes their bounding box less wide, which results in world collisions being more realistic. This was a bit trickier to get working properly due to some faults in the already written code. It sure is good to go through things again and correct them mistakes you have made earlier.
Currently I'm working on fixing the following bugs:

  • Proper 8-way background scrolling. It's 95% good now, but if the player jumps on the same place and collides with a "roof" the background slowly moves down. This is more of a "correction" thing than a bug.
  • Fix the portal bug. Portals are places the the edges of the map so if a player walks on one it activates. When the player then leaves the screen the new map is loaded. However if you leave the screen somewhere else it will load the last portal map that you walked on.
  • Co-op player animation is not slowed down if he/she walks in water
  • There is no yes/no question in the Map editor if you want to overwrite a map. I've clicked wrong a few times so it's time to add one!
Until next post!


Saturday, 16 October 2010

New musican has joined!


Today we welcome a new member to the "The Forgotten Planet" team! Have you noticed the new menu music in the last video? The new menu track is made by Josef Falkensköld ( )

Each new piece of music that I listen to from him is like opening a new christmas gift! Personally I love the music he makes!

Today Josef's homepage is added to the "Recommended links" section!

Back to coding!


Menu Options Complete!


Today I finished the menu options for the game. The only thing left was the Gamepad Settins.


  • I added a "Default Settings" button to the Gamepad and keyboard settings.
  • Removed the Master volume meter in the Audio settings as I told you I would in the earlier post.
Next up is to start adressing some bugs I have on my TODO list.

I don't change the video resolution in this video since you've seen it before. Here's the Youtube video:

Have a good one!

Until next post!


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Audio and Keyboard Settings!


It's been a couple of days since I posted anything. I have been busy working, taking care of our lovely daughter (4 months) visiting friends, playing keyboard / piano and other fun stuff so coding on the game have not been priority number one lately. But! I've still been working on it! ^^

Today I finished the customize keyboard settings, and earlier on I fixed the Audio settings. The Audio settings is not complete since SDL_Mixer separates the Music Volume and Chunk volumes so the master volume only applies to the sound effects, so I'll probably remove the Master Volume meter and only have 3 sliders for Music, Sound Volume and Voice Volume.

Anyways, you did not come here to just read all of these lines... you want that "goot lookingk" Youtube video aswell! The first 15 seconds you get to listen to the "nice?" soundtrack, then I move into the menus.

Until next post!


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Video Settings Complete!

Hello again!

Today I finished the video settings. I've been busy working and spending time with friends and family so things have been moving slower than usual.

I have some good news for you, the game window can be resized so you're able to play the game in any size you want. However if the computer is old the game might be unplayable with a scaled window. The scaler is using the CPU to scale the graphics so if the game runs slow on a machine 640x480 Fullscreen mode is the best. (It's always the best!)

Anyways, here' the latest Youtube Video for you!

Until next post!


Saturday, 2 October 2010

Video Resolutions!


Today I started working on the Options settings for the game.

First up on the list is the the video settings. The first thing I had to try was running the game in FULL HD (1920x1080 pixels) and it's working good! (at least on my quad core 2.4 GHZ puter with a RADEON HD 4850 under linux).

The higher resolutions will only be available in windowed mode since there is no reason to run the game in fullscreen mode with stretched pixels. Stretching the screen costs performance so if the game demo (when released) runs slow on your computer switch back to 640x480 which is the native resolution.

Now! Before you complain: I'm saying wrong in the video "1900x1200 pixels" which should have been 1920x1080. Ok, continue reading now!

And the reason you really came here for: The youtube video!

As I say in the video: Until next blog!