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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Studying first, then back to finishing the forgotten planet

One year left of studying, then back to finishing game.

Hi Guys!

Many have asked if the project is dead. The answer to that is: no, it's on hold.

Two years a go I started studying computer science (system architecture), a three year program at högskolan borås. During this time, I decided to put the project on hold, and focus on studying and getting my bachelors degree. I have one year and nine weeks left to study, then hopefully I will have my exam. So far I have passed all courses, and hope to do so the third year as well, and write my bachelor thesis.

Once my studies are complete, I'll port the game from SDL1.2 to SDL2.0, put in my 2D platform game world generation into the game, which will speed up the creation of the game world a lot. The game will use a research tree with different branches where the player researches different technologies which unlocks items to build. This removes the need for the game world generation to take into account how to place platforms early on in the game, making them reachable and such .

The player will have to gather resources to upgrade the research module in his crashed ship to speed up the research process, repair a part of the ship that was damaged in the crash, choose which part of his gear he wants to research upgrades for etc. This makes the game interesting, since some will choose firepower first, and thus not reach higher platforms, or upgrade the defense gear in order to stay alive longer. Some want to fix the crashed ship as fast as possible, but having a hard time getting around in the game world, due to not having upgraded the gear.

Even though I'm not blogging, I'm working on algorithms for the game in the background (when I have the time in between family and studying).

Until next post! (which might take a while :) )


  1. Hey, I've been trying to contact you about this game, I'm into metroidvanias too, mainly metroids. Just wanted to say hi, and maybe chat someday about this, I'm also working on a metroid-like game.

    Kind Regards.

  2. This looks interesting. Have your studies gone well?