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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Secret Revealed!

Hi everyone!

First of all, sorry that I have not posted in a while. At the moment we're packing down our apartment and moving to a new larger one, so most of my time has been going into packing down stuff into boxes. Also I've been working as usual and taking care of my family. With that said, let's move on to why you're really here ;).

Today I'm revealing some of the "secret" stuff I've been working on. However I will only reveal that which I have programmed, so you have to wait for the next blog where I will unlock the next feature of: "The Probe".

The Probe.

We did not want to do a Metroid copy with the "morhpball" thing, so we used our innovative brains/skills and came up with what we call. "The Probe".

The Probe is a small flying object that the player can have either in Protect mode, or Explore mode.

Explore Mode

In explore mode the player can control the probe and fly around with it to scout the surroundings. In this mode the probe can do a lot of different things, but I'm only revealing one of those aspects today: Lay bombs.

Protect Mode

In this mode the probe rotates around the player and act as a small shield (32x32 pixels) and will absorb the projectiles it collides with. This mode also have some nice extra features which will be uncovered later.

Youtube Video

As you can see (in the video), the map is still W.I.P, so forgive me for being lazy with the map creation :P.

Until next post!

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