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Monday, 1 November 2010


Hello again!

This past weekend was great! I solved many things in the code and added some features, one of them being: crouching.
Also a good friend of mine is helping me with feedback with game ideas for the game. This weekend we had a "breakthrough" with a unique feature for the game. We were discussing the famous "morphball" thingy and..... the rest is secret until revealed in a youtube video :P.

As most of you probably already have figured out, this game is inspired by metroid, however we're making our own game with its own "feel" and special "touch" and we hope that you'll like the "flavor" of it when the first tech demo is released. There is so many things I want to tell you right away here and now!. But... I'm restraining myself and will only release bits and pieces here as the development goes forward.

Enough of my "rabbling"... Here's teh U-tubee widdzeo:

Until next time you visit here ;)


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