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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sprite Rotater Program!

Hi Guys!

I was working on sprite rotations for the game, and thought: Let's see if there's something interesting on the internet.

I found an interesting program written by XenoWhirl called "RotSprite".
It produced the best rotated images I've seen so far. The only problem was: No Source Code!

He did describe a little of how the algorithm works:

To most of us, "the more detailed version" is a lot of "mumbo-jumbo" (Lots of extra calculations and math and.... stuff) so I decided to try a more simple aproach to it and see what results I could produce.

And Lo And Behold! I came up with something very similar with good results:

 YouTube Video:

As you all know! "Sharing is Caring!" Therefore I'm now releasing the Source Code & the Binaries for Linux & Windows of this algorithm and the program!

Updates will come with time, but for now you can give it a go!

You can download The sprite rotater with binary + Source on the menu to the right.

Until next blogpost!



  1. If I knew how half the stuff you are doing works I would not spend my days painting analogue figures. :)
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello, I was trying to download the source but link seems to be broken, any chance of downloading anywhere else?