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Monday, 3 October 2011

Frame Based Rendering -> Time Based Rendering


I decided to take a break from the AI coding and focus on one of the things that has been on my TODO list for some time: Change the game from frame based rendering to time based rendering.

What is frame based rendering?

Frame based rendering works in the following way:

First you lock the game to how many frames / second it shall run in, say 60 FPS.
Then you let X number of frames pass before you do something.
This will limit to game to not run any faster than  60 frames / second, and some older computers might not be able to handle the game.

What is time based rendering?

You set timers for everything that needs updating. For example: Move enemy, Input from the user for moving the player, update gravity on objects etc.

The game is no longer needed to run at a locked speed (60 FPS). The game will run with as fast as you computer can handle. On todays computers the game will run in around 90-150 frames / sec.

Since everything is time based, things will run at the same speed even down to 30 frames / sec, and still look fluent on older PC's.


I'm now 99% done with the conversion to Time Based Rendering, I only have some minor things to tweak (set the right millisecond delay on things) and I'm done.

See you next post!


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