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Monday, 10 October 2011

Prallax Scrolling Backgrounds!

Hello again!

My graphic artist asked me if we were going to have parallax scrolling backgrounds in the game. This was before I made the 3.5 times speed increase of the game. Back then I thought: Let's try. But after the speed increase of the game engine, this became mandatory for me.

So after some good work in early mornings, in-between family quality time, and work I managed to put together the Parallax scrolling in two days!

The backgrounds are of course placeholder stuff until my graphic artist sends me the finished stuff!

And the real reason you came by: The YouTube Video

Until next post!



  1. Nice!
    Any chance you can make some rocks and stuff in the foreground too, swishing by as you move around?

  2. that's possible :), a foreground scrolling layer would be cool, don't know if I'll throw that in before Tech Demo 2