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Sunday, 27 November 2011

New Enemy Graphics!


This weekend I hosted DreamCode Winter 2011, where 11 inde game developers got together and we had tons of fun coding and showing our games to each other.

During this weekend I finished the Sound FX section in the world builder and also put some new graphics into the game. I have not received all animations for the enemies, but that will come soon :).

If you wonder why there's no "flashy" damage showing off on the main character, it's because there is no "take-damage" animation for the main player yet, so you'll see him aiming his gun in some direction instead

And the reason why you really stopped by, the youtube video:

Until next post!



  1. Awesome, this is beginning to look really great!

  2. The Walking animation looks very naturally

  3. Thanks & credits go to my Graphic Artist who made it :)