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Sunday, 27 November 2011

New Enemy Graphics!


This weekend I hosted DreamCode Winter 2011, where 11 inde game developers got together and we had tons of fun coding and showing our games to each other.

During this weekend I finished the Sound FX section in the world builder and also put some new graphics into the game. I have not received all animations for the enemies, but that will come soon :).

If you wonder why there's no "flashy" damage showing off on the main character, it's because there is no "take-damage" animation for the main player yet, so you'll see him aiming his gun in some direction instead

And the reason why you really stopped by, the youtube video:

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

New Character + Multiplayer test


I was thinking about waiting until I had all the main character animations in place until making a new blogpost, but thought... It can't hurt to show him off a bit earlier.
There is two animations coming in soon: spin jump & running animation without shooting.

I'm currently working on fixing the the main character & other stuff running as it should in multiplayer. I have a few things to add, and also a couple of things to add timers to. Since switching from frame-based rendering to time-based rendering, I still have not tied up all the loose ends. But, what matters is that the project is going forward, and more things are being added and fixed with time!

One example of a loose end for example is that the enemy death animation is not displayed when the other player killed it. This is old network code not sending the right state. However, these things are quickly fixed!

And the real reason why you came here: The YouTube Video:

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