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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Walking between maps & Background scroll fix!

Hey again!

This last week I've had less time to work on the game, however some progress has been made!

What's new:
  • Fixed the background scrolling
  • Fixed the portal bug
  • Reduced the character collision size against the world
  • Jumping/Falling down into a new map works properly now

 What's next up on the Bug / Features list?
  • New collision code for the player to the world (some additions to the one I have at the moment)
  • Fixing an enemy AI bug
  • Crouching! We want to be able to sit down and shoot tiles / enemies
  • Bombs! Blow away certain blocks
  • Stuff.....
  • Some more stuff after that
  • A new video and blog entry here!

Previous post did not have a youtube video, however this one do!

Until next post!


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