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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bug fixing month!

Hi Everyone!
Today, there's no nice youtube video for you, just informing you of what I'm up to.

This month is dedicated to fixing bugs and tweaking things to behave as I want to. There has been a couple of bugs lying around for to long, which needs fixing before the release of Tech Demo 2. I've managed to get rid of the most "nasty" ones I had, which is good, but there are still more in the "soup" which needs extermination.

The first boss AI is coming around nicely as well, there are only a few things to tweak then I'm satisfied. I'll be "hiding" him from you until you encounter him in Tech Demo 2 :).

My Graphics Artist is working on finishing the last enemies and the background for Tech Demo 2.

So to sum it up, here's what's left before release:
  • Menu Redesign
  • 15+ rooms to explore
  • Sound effects for the main character & the enemies
  • Eliminate the last bugs
  • First Boss Graphics
Until Next Blogpost

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