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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Destructible Tiles


I'm back again, this time I don't have so much new "visual" stuff since I've been working on fixing bugs in the code.  But!... I do have a little video of destructible tiles. Nothing fancy but it's needed in order to create secret passages and fun stuff like that.

Things that have been fixed:

  • Player jump is controlled to how long you hold the jump button down.
  • Projectiles that was sent over LAN/Internet did not get the right widht & height which displaced the impact positions.
  • Sometimes the projectile collision tile test returned an invalid tile resulting in segmention fault.
  • Host sends enemy data more often and less interpolation is used. This is acceptable for a 2player co-op game, but nor for a multiplayer online game.
And finally, what you really came here for:

Destructable tiles works over LAN / Internet play as well.

See you next post


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