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Monday, 6 September 2010

New Tiles (W.I.P)


Today I received the first tiles from Bobwax. Immediately I threw them into the Map builder and re-designed the level you've seen before in the other videos. The tiles are still work in progress so everything is not fitting together to 100%, and there are still many more tiles to come.

Today I will focus some more on the multiplayer part of the game. The Demo that  will be released (Within a month or two) will have 2-player co-op so you and your friend can play over LAN / Internet.

As usual I made a youtube video for you to watch. In this video you also see the "hit" effect on the enemies which I was talking about in the last post.

At the moment I'm not recording the music & sound in the videos, this is because I don't have sound effects done for the enemies and such. You will also be bored with the same soundtrack playing over and over and over again in all the videos.

Click here: Youtube video showing the new (w.i.p) tileset.

Until I blog again!


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