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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Fist in-game chat over Internet!


I've been busy these last days with a lot of wonderful friends which have visited or been visited by us.

The last days I've been working a bit here and there on the 2-Player co-op code and today I show you the first in-game chat ever in the multiplayer "lobby".

Today I recorded the game in windows with CamStudio 2.00. In Ubuntu linux I use gtkrecordmydesktop to record the screen.

When you click multiplayer, you get to select if you want to host or join a game. If you want to host, you only have to type in the port number you want to listen to. This is the best way since many have a port forwarded in their router that they can use and this way you don't have to forward a new one! If you select join game you have to type in the IP adress you want to connect to, and then the port number.

As usual I have a YouTube video for you. Here you see my good friend Simon from the northern part of Sweden connecting to me and we have the first ever in-game chat in The Forgotten Planet Multiplayer "lobby".

Click to watch: The Lost Planet - Chat over Internet.

Until next post!


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  1. You made a typo. "Fist In-Game Chat Over The Internet" should be "First In-Game Chat Over The Internet"