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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Progress on the Multiplayer code!


I'm back again with a small update for you. Today is only text, but in stead of a long "no-news" break with no info at all I'm giving you some "in-the-middle-info".
In other words.... No YouTube video for you toda, but soon there should be one with 2-players running around on the screen shooting things together

I have bug tested the connection code a lot with some friends, and I'm just about done with that part. Today I started working on the player data package sending / receiving, and it works as it should. As of now I have a nice debug string on the screen displaying The Team player's:
  • X & y position
  • State
  • Direction
What's left now is:
  • an "entity-package" that sends all entities x,y position, direction and state. In between the packages the client will interpolate the position of the entities so things will look about 95-100% the same on both screens. (The Host computer sends this data)
  • a projectile package that send the projectiles x,y position and direction
  • applying the packages data to graphics on the screen
  • probably fix some "unexpected" things that will "pop" up during coding.
I'm planning to have coded this within the week and will then throw you a youtube video.

Once Björn is ready with the "basic" character design I'll release a little "Tech-Demo". Nothing fancy just running around shooting some stuff together, walking around in some rooms... Don't ask for a date for this, it will be ready when it's ready. Until then: continue to watch the YouTube videos and follow the game creation process.

See you next post!


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