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Monday, 30 August 2010

2-Player co-op on the way!

Hello Again!

Today I have some good news for you!

That "Multiplayer" word glowing in the main menu means that The Forgotten Planet will have 2-player co-op mode. You will be able play over Internet & LAN. And to make things even more fun the co-op mode will have a completely different game world!

Earlier I used UDP for a metroid clone I was working on, and it worked prety well. But UDP is a bit "overkill" for just 2-player, so this time I've decided to try with TCP/IP instead.

As you probably have guesses by now I've started working on the networking part for the game. At the moment I'm testing if I can get TCP/IP non-blocking with SDL_net and I think I have found a solution. If I somehow against all odds fail, I'll fall back on UDP which by default is Non-Blocking in SDL_net.

Anyways back to TCP/IP coding!

See you next post!


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