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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

New enemy & water movement.


Progress on the game is going smooth. I Talked with my pixel artist yesterday, and he showed me some progress on the alien game sprite, and I got a glimpse of the nice alien gun which will fire them nice "projectiles of death" (Skype video chat).


Here is a w.i.p sprite of one of the two aliens that crash lands which you will be able to play.

I have started to make friends with a nice guy that will move to the city where I live (Eksjö, sweden). He has great talent for painting miniature models for games like Warhammer 40k etc.

He has offered to paint backgrounds for the game, which I'm eagerly waiting to see!

Here's a link to his blog:

What's new since last post?

Earlier this week I added a water surface tile animation which I place upon the first water tile animation I crated, making the water look more real.

Today I added two things, water movement to the player and a new simple enemy AI.

Water movement:

As soon as the player steps down into the water, the movements become "sluggish".

Enemy AI:

The enemy is of the most simple kind, it bumps between two walls, going forth and back in en endless loop, until the player kills it.

Video of the new stuff:

Or download directly from here (higher quality, 4MB):

Download new enemy and water movement avi

See you next post!


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