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Monday, 23 August 2010

Target OS for The Forgotten Planet?

2nd post for today!

Today I post twise which does not happen to often.
I'm starting to receive questions about what OS you can run The Forgotten Planet on, so I figured I would clarify a few things.

What OS can you run The Forgotten Planet on now?
At the moment The Forgotten Planet runs on both Linux & windows.
I'm thinking about porting the game to XNA (XBOX360) later, but we'll see what happens (nothing 100% decided yet).

What are you creating the game in?

I'm programming the game with C using SDL ( ) which makes it easy to compile and run the game on both windows and linux without changing one single line of code.

Next project (whenever that might be in the far distant future) will be made with OpenGL + SDL, written in C++.


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