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Friday, 6 August 2010

The Forgotten Planet - Story.


Today I decided to start blogging about the game I'm making: "The Forgotten Planet"

The best place to start would be the question: 

"What is the game about?"

Two aliens are on a mission from their home world to find a new planet to colonize. They are out exploring a new solar system when the ship scanner beeps: Possible new colonize able planet found. Immediately they pilot their ship towards the planet. However, once they enter the orbit of the planet, the automated planetary defense system shoots them down, and they crash land. Once down on the planet, they discover that their “long-space-communication” does not work from the planet.

The goal of the game:

The two aliens must now:

1. Find materials which they use to repair the ship with.

This will be a fun event in the game with a menu where you combine gathered materials to:

- Repair / build a part to the ship
- Upgrade / build a new weapon/item
- Upgrade armor

2. Close down the “planetary automated defense system in order to not get shot down, and to get out to space to deliver the good news to their home world: “We've found a new planet to colonize”.

I've been programming on the intro, and I'm about 30% done:

View Intro

What kind of game is The Forgotten Planet?

The forgotten planet is a 2D platform game where the game world will be free to explore: Go where you want, do what you want etc. Building new weapons/items will unlock new areas to explore, where enemies and bosses wait for your arrival, as you seek materials both rare and common which you need in order to repair your ship.

Here is a early in-game video (some borrowed sprites & tiles except from the alien & the fireball you see on screen):

View Early Gameplay

See you next post!


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