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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New Enemy: The ShellBiter!

I can't believe myself to day: Triple Posting!!

First some very nice news!

A very talented Pixel artist has joined the project: "Bobwax"

Please pay a visit to his homepage:

He gave me a very nice good looking animated sprite for the game, and I could not just sit back and relax. It took some time, blood sweat and tears, but now I have the critter in-game.

Process to get an enemy in-game:
1. Edit the sprite-sheet to fit my game engines format of reading in sprites fast.
2. Insert the sprite into my map editor
3. Insert the sprite into the game engine
4. Code the AI for it
5. Bugtest
6. Bugtest some more

And here I am somewhat finished with it. Will insert a delay on the attack for it tomorrow, but I wanted to get this out to you today.

Youtube video: New Enemy - ShellBiter

Until next post!


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