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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Small Update

Hi Again!

I'm back with some small news, nothing fancy since I'm working "under the hood" on the game engine, fixing bugs and speeding up things. This means no nice screen-shots or videos this time.

Today I focused on fixing a bug with the collision code. Sometimes when an enemy jumped on a slope it fell through. This annoyed me so I decided to focus on the bug and after a few hours (yes a few hours, this one was hiding deep down between them lines), but I finally found the bugger and took him out with my bugxtinator.

Game documentation

I Also started documenting down the ideas I have for the different areas in game.
Here is a "sneak-peak" of a few areas in the game:


This is where the game starts. The aliens have just crash landed on the planet surface and try to use their long-space-communication equipment, and find out that it does not work due to being jammed by the planetary automated defense system.

Ancient Ruins

This is the area of the game where the player will find the remnants of the advanced civilization that once lived here and also built the planetary defense system.

Hovering Islands

Once the player has built a "mini-craft" he can use it to fly up and explore these Islands.

Crystal Caves

A dark place filled with crystals which grow out from the walls. The crystals are power sources which the player need to collect in order to repair the ship. The more crystals the player pick, the darker the area becomes since they are the only light source down there. However, with the right materials the player can build a ball of light which follows him where he goes, lighting up dark places.

This was only a small "preview" of what is to come.

See you next post


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